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Behind the Scenes - July [Hetkel tõlkimisel]

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Behind the Scenes - July [Hetkel tõlkimisel]

Postitamine by M on Teis 5 Juul - 7:00

Sellel kuul hõljuvad Clan Citadels'id üle silmapiiri. Tee portal rituaal, et saada hiigelsuur, kohandatud ja ainulaadne maatükk oma klannile, varustatud Battlefield Editor'iga, et kujundada oma võitlused ja minigame'd. Juulis ootavad sind 2 kuningannat: Slug Queen, kes üritab sind hävitada ja võtta üle maailm ning Jadinko Queen, kes tundub pigem su abist huvitatud olevat.

Salt in the Wound (Member'ite Quest):

Limane storyline jõuab sellel kuul kiire ja verise lõpuni, sundides sind ja Mother Mallum'it, the Slug Queen'i, lahendama võitluse teel oma erinevused, seikleja molluski vastu. Sa ei ole üksi, sest Sir Tiffy on sulle andnud kolmest inimesest koosneva meeskonna: Kennith, kes on "otsustanud" suureks saada; Ezekial, who’s been putting on the pounds; ja Eva, Sir Tiffy lähedane sugulane, kes otsib igat võimalust, et tõestada oma väärtust. The Slug Queen'i pole lihtne hävitada, sest tal on arsenal limaga kaetud takistusi ja lihtsasti kontrollitavad orjad takistamaks su teed.

Kuigi räägivad vastase kasuks, on sul ja su meeskonnal ligipääs uuele relvale: seerum, mis lõhub The Slug Queen'i kontrolli orjade üle. Probleem on selles, et see asub Daemonheim'is ning Fremennik'ule ei meeldi, kui keegi lahkub tainted esemetega.

Through a short Daemonheim foray and, later, when you infiltrate the Slug Citadel, you will have the opportunity to command each of the three accompanying heroes. They have different strengths, and you will need to cooperate with them to complete puzzles and battle slug thralls, in this experienced level quest that has the following requirements:

* 60 Defence
* 50 Constitution
* 47 Herblore
* 45 Summoning
* 35 Dungeoneering

Jadinko Lair (Memberite Skillimis Koht):

The Herblore Habitat, and the origin of its mysterious jadinkos, has long puzzled druids. Later this month, one of the druids reveals the truth, as you enter a newly-discovered living cave featuring a mixture of high-level skilling and combat, similar to the Living Rock Caverns.

It turns out that Papa Mambo’s wondrous enchanted Jade Vine isn’t as harmless as previously thought, and some of its ever-moving roots are causing corruption among the brood of the Jadinko Queen. You are called upon to cull the mutated strain. Corrupted jadinko babies, guards and males can be freely killed or given as a Slayer target (level 80, 86 and 91); protect or guard from their attacks, however, and you will find that the environment retaliates, with nearby roots giving you a light whipping. Those who work in cooperation with woodcutters, or chop down the roots themselves, will find their mission more relaxed, but by no means safe.

Cutting down the jade roots (level 83 Woodcutting) will yield a variety of logs. Curly roots are to be burnt in firepits (level 83 Firemaking) whereas straight roots can be fletched using a primitive process to make sagaies (sar-gay) , javelin-like weapons that are particularly strong against the jadinkos, especially if you stand at a distance (level 83 Fletching). The collection of material from defeated jadinkos will allow level 87 fletchers to create bolas, which can stun the jadinkos and most other targets.

For conscientious helpers, there will be buffing fruit and ecosystem seeds. For the persistent slayers, there is a chance of coming across the mysterious whip vine, which may sound incongruous but does wonders when attached to an abyssal whip (requiring 80 Slayer and 85 Attack to wield). It raises the whip’s stats, has the chance of delivering a small amount of poison damage to your targets and gives the old whip a brand-whipping-new special attack. Find that elusive vine and you’ll be able to vine-tune your abyssal vine whip to perfection!

Clan Citadels (Members Clan Areas):

Clan members may have hiscore tables, capes, insignia and clan chat channels, but they haven’t had a place to call their own. That is about to change, as clan citadels, floating castles in the sky, can be seen on the horizon!

Gather five clanmates who have membership and you will be able to complete the portal ritual, gaining entry to your clan’s very own citadel. Choose from four different layouts before deciding whether you want your citadel to be in glorious sunshine or perpetual night. Banners and flags fly the colours of your clan, and there are dozens of hotspots for you and your clan to make your own.

Of these hotspots, a maximum of seven are skill-related, allowing you and your clan to train skills together. Although the XP you receive is slightly lower than you would receive on the surface of RuneScape, skilling here will contribute to the maintenance of the citadel, allowing you to upgrade it from tier 1 to tier 7. As your citadel gets upgraded, you’ll gain access to better customisation options and even more hotspots. Contribute enough to the weekly upkeep of the citadel and you’ll find you have access to a clan ring, which gives you a temporary 1.5x multiplier in certain skill tasks about RuneScape.

Your clan can gather in many areas of your clan citadel – in meeting rooms, a senate, a party room – but the centrepiece is the clan battlefield. This offers you and your clan a large area to battle together or face-off against other clans, and a full-blown Battlefield Editor to create your own combat situations or minigames. We’ve had endless amounts of fun concocting clan wars between departments, elaborate mazes, obstacle courses, and twists on the traditional ‘capture the flag’ format, but we expect you to blow our ideas clear out of the sky. Get to grips with the locations, obstacles, enemies, enemy behaviours, win conditions and other tools, and then share your creation with your clan mates or other clans. The limits of what you create will only really be defined by your imagination.

Our graphics department have been busy adding over 4,000 new models and over 20,000 new animation frames to the game for Clan Citadels, making an environment that we are particularly proud of. More information about Clan Citadels will be revealed over the course of the month, with a clan blog on the 7th which will answer many of the questions you may have.

So, start growing your clans in anticipation of the Clan Citadels release!

Teised uudised:

Juuli tähendab Cryptic Cluefest'i väljalaskmist! Järgi foorumis olevaid vihjeid, mis juhatavad sind mängus asuvatesse kohtadesse. Edukaid nuhke ootab ülevaade tuleviku mängu uuendusest, samuti ka ekslussiivne ese.

Member'itel on võimalus omale saada uus asi, with the introduction of the Dwarven Army Axe. Seda eset saavad mängijad kasutada nii relvana kui ka hatchet'i, pickaxe, needle, chisel'i, tinderbox'i and toothpick'ina*. Informatsiooni, kuidas seda asja leida, näed sisselogides.

*Nüüd eemaldatud, järgides Seers' Courthouse märkust.

Mod Mark
RuneScape Lead Designer



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